About Us

We are a WHOLESALE-ONLY company. Our retail partners network extends throughout the tri-state area.

Our Beginning

After some bad business dealings in the 1960s, Abe Knepp’s father, Amos, mortgaged his family farm to pay off Abe’s debt. From this partnership came the name Knepp and Knepp, or K&K, for the new business. Abe began building trusses in 1972 with just three employees, a small plant, and one modified delivery truck. He wanted K&K to have a reputation of people who deal honestly and fairly, while providing top-quality products and service.

“My business is run by three bodies–myself, the bank, and the Lord–and the Lord is the chairman of the board.” 

-Abe A. Knepp

Abe Knepp — founder of K&K

Overcoming Adversity

K&K grew until a devastating fire destroyed the plant on January 9, 1980. At that time, many wondered what would become of the business. As word of the devastating fire spread, some of Abe’s competitors in the industry called to offer their assistance. With their help, the plant was back in full operation after only 90 days. Once again, K&K continued to grow and was named Business of the Year in 2000.

On November 15, 2005, a F3 tornado ripped through Daviess county. Nearly all of K&K’s buildings were destroyed. Immediately afterward, many friends volunteered to help with the cleanup. Some volunteers even came from other states. Just one week after the tornado touched down, construction began on the new plant. By January 10, 2006, K&K was once again making trusses. Thank God for friends!

For an overview of this tornado, see this Washington Times-Herald article.

Arial view of K&K after the tornado in 2005

On January 2, 2007, Abe passed away in a plane crash. Abe’s wife Viola and their children then transitioned into K&K’s ownership role. Today, Viola is the President of K&K, and the children all do their parts to help with the operations of the industry.

The Growth Continues

In 2013, K&K expanded their operations to a secondary location along Highway 50. K-Line specializes in prefinishing exterior products. The two locations work together to build and deliver a wide range of building materials.

After over 50 years in business, K&K now employs approximately 100 people. Additionally, K&K Truck Lines operates a full fleet of delivery trucks and vehicles. As a wholesale company, K&K currently supplies more than 150 retail dealers in the tri-state area.

We, Abe’s family, say thank you to our employees for making K&K what it is today. An immense thank you to our customers, as well, for your loyal support. We are blessed!

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