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Oct. 2022 UPDATE! (read below)

K-Line is our 22,000 square foot prefinishing facility located in Loogootee, IN. We specialize in paint coatings for siding, trim, and more. Our main objectives are a quality finish, competitive pricing, great lead times, and service that keeps you and your customer satisfied.

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Our Prefinishing Process

K-Line Location

The first step involves deciding what materials your job needs. Whether it be lap, panel, or shake siding–we carry it all. We also have a wide variety of trim and soffit available.

The product is carefully selected and counted before the prefinishing process begins. Next, the product passes through one of our automated spray booths. After the coating is applied, the product travels through an oven to give it a baked-on finish.

The line leading into the oven

The product then goes through a cool-down process before being taken off the line and returned again to the automated spray booths for another coat of paint. After the second coat is applied, the product travels again through the oven giving it a final, baked-on finish.

The product is then taken off the line. Each piece is inspected for quality control. It is then foam slip-sheeted and wrapped for delivery to your lumber yard or job site.

A column being assembled

K-Line proudly partners with various paint suppliers for superior coatings on all of our products, providing an unlimited color selection. K-Line can also create customized columns, J-blocks, specially milled trim, PVC starter board, and more. We hope you consider K-Line for your next remodel or construction project.


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