An I-Joist is an engineered joist, named so for its “I” shape. They are comprised of top and bottom flanges, which are made typically from laminated veneer lumber (LVL), or solid sawn lumber, and a vertical web member, which is usually made of plywood or OSB. The constructed I-Joist results in a straight, lightweight, and strong building component that can be used in both floor and roof framing applications. The versatility of an I-joist makes it an easy choice for builders in both residential and light commercial projects.

  • 9 1/2″ – LPI-20 (2 1/2″ flange)
  • 11 7/8″ – LPI-20 (2 1/2″ flange), LPI-42 (3 1/2″ flange)
  • 14″ – LPI-42 (3 1/2″ flange)
  • 16″ – LPI-42 (3 1/2″ flange)
  • Up to 64′ lengths
  • Rimboard in all depths (12′ long)


More Information

Check out PWT’s I-Joist page for more information.

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