Visualize Your Project

Are you a wholesaler looking to choose the perfect products and colors for a new project? You’ve come to the right place! K&K Industries is happy to provide personalized assistance for you and your clients. Using these online visualizer programs, you are now able to choose from a selection of colors and products that will help you find your perfect combination. Click below or scan the QR code to get started.

The exterior visualizer is the perfect tool to begin choosing your siding, paneling, and other wall products. As a courtesy to our wholesale customers, speak to a sales representative about uploading your personal project images, free of charge.

The interior visualizer is the perfect tool to view a sample of our color selection at K&K Industries. Using this program, you are also able to upload pictures of interior rooms to get an idea of what colors might pair well with your exterior design. After choosing your perfect color combination, wholesalers may choose any solid color, assuming a color sample is provided, for our specialty siding department to color-match. The options are endless!

DISCLAIMER: K&K Industries Inc. does not offer all products shown on the visualizer programs. We do, however, offer all colors shown in addition to a color match option for our wholesale customers.