Prefab Wall Panels

PreFab wall panels are one of K&K’s featured products. Our custom-built wall panels are made in-house to help reduce labor in the construction field. These pre-built panels allow for a quicker construction process for you and your customers. This added efficiency is a large asset for commercial / multi-family and large projects that are trying to meet deadlines. Each wall panel is custom-built to your project’s specs. Various framing materials are available at K&K, including LVL headers, LP WeatherLogic® panels, and more. Our wide array of custom options also includes tall and sheathed walls. To top it off, we provide layout services and job-site delivery. Contact us, today, to learn how you can “put our ‘wall panels’ under your roof.”

Here is a time lapse video of our wall panels being put to use by Doub Construction, LLC out of Mitchell, Indiana.


More Information

SBCA guides and manuals available upon request. Please call 
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version. K&K is not responsible for any misuse of 
instructions / policies stated in SBCA sheets provided 
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